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Eat Healthy

Children’s energy needs for a busy day at school require them to eat a variety of foods. Factors that determine the amount children eat include age, sex and physical activity level. Children will have the best chance of getting all the nutrition they need if they are offered a variety of tasty and healthy foods every day which reflect the Dietary Guidelines for Children and Adolescents.

In this state, 30 per cent of girls and 23 per cent of boys are either overweight or obese. Over their schooling life children can consume up to 2 500 meals. Therefore it is crucial that these meals are nutritious, whether brought from home or purchased from the school canteen.

All meals should reflect healthy food choices.

Healthy foods allow children to:

  • grow and develop
  • concentrate
  • have the energy to play and participate in sporting activities.

Lunches from home reflect:

  • personal choice
  • parental knowledge about health and nutrition
  • cultural differences.

Parents and carers can support healthy food and drink choices. When making lunches at home:

  • choose a variety of foods
  • include bread, wholegrains, rice, pasta or noodles (try wholegrain for extra goodness)
  • include milk, cheese or yoghurt
  • include some meat, fish, chicken, eggs
  • go for 2 (fruit) and 5 (vegetables)
  • choose water as a drink
  • keep ‘junk’ food away from school
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