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Language Other Than English

At CVPS our foreign language is Italian. Students begin in Year 3 and continue through to the end of Year 6.

Time allocation is one hour a week and through topic based learning, basic aspects of listening, speaking, reading and writing are developed. Our intention at this school is to make the first steps towards foreign language learning both effective and enjoyable. An extensive range of teaching and learning strategies combined with a comprehensive range of activities are designed to promote both learning and a positive attitude to language acquisition. Students develop an understanding that language is culturally based and that
tolerance and appreciation are part of that understanding.

An important part of this programme is the deliberate intention to promote English literacy skills through the study of Italian; thus there is constant comparison of the two languages.

Another essential element and purpose of our programme is that our students, prior to entering Year 7 will have learned how to learn a foreign language, as well as developing a positive attitude towards foreign language/culture study in general. The skills involved in learning how to learn, are directly transferable to any foreign language.

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