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Developing the habit of going to school every day is vitally important so your child does not miss out on important ideas and skills they need for future learning. That is why we strongly encourage you not to go on family holidays during school time.

At school, many concepts such as literacy and numeracy are taught in a sequence. Missing school means missing out on learning – which can often make it difficult to catch up later. This is particularly important in the early years when essential foundation skills are being taught.

Going to school every day helps children learn the important life skill of ‘showing up’ – at school, at work, to sport and other commitments.

Research from the Western Australian Telethon Kids Institute shows that every day at school counts towards a student’s learning. Students who attend more, generally do better at school and in life.

The School Education Act 1999 does not allow principals to give permission for families to take holidays during the school term. As students are required to attend school every day, time off for holidays is recorded as an absence.

While it can be tempting to take advantage of discount offers for accommodation and flights, we strongly encourage you to organise holidays during school holiday periods to make sure your child doesn’t miss out on school.

Please contact the Principal, Deputy Principal or your classroom teacher if you have been considering taking a holiday during the school term. We will be able to tell you what learning your child would be missing out on.

If your child is absent without an explanation, you will receive an SMS message, these are generated automatically twice a day.

Please respond to these messages.

The following document is available for download:

  1. Every Day Counts


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