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At Canning Vale Primary School all students in years 1 – 6 will have homework set by their teacher.


Homework assists students by complementing and reinforcing classroom learning, fostering positive lifelong learning habits and providing students with another opportunity to be responsible for their own learning.
Students will benefit from regularly completing homework. It helps them to develop organisational and time management skills, self discipline, skills in sourcing and using resources out-of-school and personal responsibility for learning.
Homework is another opportunity for parents to actively participate in their child’s education. In partnership with the school, parents are able to encourage and establish homework patterns from early primary school. Homework also gives parents insight into the learning program.

Policy Details

At the beginning of each year, parents should be advised, by their child’s teacher, of the year level homework expectations and also where to access a copy of the school’s homework policy.

Homework must:

  • Support the development of the student’s independence as a life long learner;
  • Further the partnership between home and school;
  • Avoid dependence on unreasonable levels of parental assistance or resources that are not readily available to the student;
  • Be set without impinging on reasonable time for family, recreational and cultural pursuits relevant to the student’s age, development and educational aspirations;
  • Be balanced across all learning areas so as to avoid stress and overload;
  • Be phased in gradually and consistently as students move through the school years;
  • Be consistently applied and monitored and responsive to individual needs and learning area requirements;
  • Not be used as an alternative for a lack of concentration and application in the classroom;
  • Have a focus of reinforcement and consolidation and not the introduction of new concepts;
  • Include regular home reading

The following document is available for download:

  1. CVPS Homework Policy
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