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As an Asthma Friendly school, Canning Vale Primary School staff will immediately treat a student experiencing an asthma attack.


Asthma is a common chronic lung condition that affects up to 1:10 primary school aged students. It is a common cause for school absenteeism and is a major cause of childhood admissions to hospital. People die from asthma and more than half of these asthma deaths are preventable. With appropriate management, the impact of asthma can be minimised.

Policy Details

We are committed to being an Asthma Friendly school. This means:

  • The majority of staff have current training in Asthma First Aid and routine management, conducted or approved by the local Asthma Foundation. Staff training is to occur at least every three years with online training also available
  • Asthma Emergency Kits (AEKs) are accessible to staff and include in-date reliever medication, single person use spacers (with masks for under 5 year olds if required)
  • Asthma First Aid posters are on display and information is available for staff and parents
  • Policies are Asthma Friendly


  • Students are supported to self-manage their asthma in line with their age and stage of development; we explain asthma and asthma care to the students and provide care with, not just to, them.


  • provide an Asthma Care Plan, signed by the treating doctor at the beginning of each year
  • provide their child’s medication, clearly dated and in the original labelled container. A spacer (and mask if required), should also be supplied
  • alert staff to any changes in their child’s asthma management


  • document any asthma attack and advise parents/carers as a matter of priority
  • two staff members to manage an asthma attack
  • have a spacer and mask replacement policy if spacer and mask are used from the AEK (single person use)
  • review documentation regularly to ensure compliance with procedures
  • minimise exposure to known triggers


  • maintain a central record of students’ health care needs, including asthma, and review regularly
  • induct new staff in asthma policies and procedures including asthma training and information for all staff
  • review policies and practices

Excursions and School Camp:

  • a copy of the child’s asthma plan to be taken on every excursion
  • an AEK to be taken on all excursions

The following document is available for download:

  1. CVPS Asthma Policy
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