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Code of Conduct

The primary considerations are that the Canning Vale Primary School’s values are in the best interests of students.

The Canning Vale Primary School Board is accountable to, and must report to, both the Canning Vale Primary School community and the Department of Education.

The Canning Vale Primary School Board will abide by all the relevant legislation and industrial agreements.

The Canning Vale Primary School Board will always behave in a civil and respectful manner.

Discrimination on any grounds is prohibited, as is any form of sexual discrimination and/or harassment.

The underlying principles of the Canning Vale Primary School Board Code of Conduct include the promotion of:

  • respectful partnerships;
  • clear and honest two-way communication;
  • transparent processes;
  • democratic, informed decision making;
  • and personal and professional integrity.

Conflict between Canning Vale Primary School Board members needs to be dealt with respectfully and fairly and in a manner that both reflects and is seen to reflect these; (that is, in accordance with the principles of natural justice).

All Board members are expected to represent all sectors of the Canning Vale Primary School community. Members are not there to represent just one viewpoint or the view of an individual. Canning Vale Primary School Board members will therefore regularly seek the views and opinions of the whole Canning Vale Primary School community, especially when policies are being developed.

The Canning Vale Primary School Board is not an appropriate forum for the discussion of individual Canning Vale Primary School staff, students, parents or other members of the Canning Vale Primary School community.

A Board member who is approached by a parent with a concern relating to an individual is in a privileged position and must treat such discussion with discretion, protecting the confidentiality and privacy of the people involved. If the issue relates to an operational matter of the Canning Vale Primary School, the parent should be encouraged to speak with the principal or classroom teacher. However, if the issue relates to a Canning Vale Primary School policy or procedure, it should be put on the agenda for discussion at the next Canning Vale Primary School Board meeting where it will be dealt with in a generic sense to protect the privacy of individuals involved.

Board members should respect the need for confidentiality and privacy about sensitive matters that might arise at Canning Vale Primary School Board meetings, especially where there are matters of a personal nature relating to staff, students or parents.

Board Member should observe the need for orderly Board meetings and that the Board needs to “speak as one voice” in the public arena once a decision has been made.

Board members hold a position of trust within and across the school and must act accordingly to ensure they lead by example in all interactions and all types of communication.

Board Members must declare any conflicts of interest when they arise.

Cessation or termination of Board membership:

The office of a member of the Board becomes a vacancy if the member:

  1. Becomes ineligible to hold office as a member
  2. Resigns by written notice
  3. Is removed from office by the Director General

The Board may remove a person as a member of the board on the grounds that the person:

  1. Has neglected his or her duty as a member
  2. Has breached the Code of Conduct
  3. Has been absent, without leave or reasonable excuse, from three consecutive meetings of which the member has had notice.

The Board will not remove a person as a member unless the person has been given a reasonable opportunity to show that he or she should not be removed from office (refer to Terms of Reference).

 The following document is available for downlaod.

  1. School Board Code of Conduct
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