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Welcome to the music room


 “Music is unique to humans. Like the other arts, music is as basic as language to human development and existence. Through music a child gains insights into herself, into others, and into life itself. Perhaps most important, she is better able to develop and sustain her imagination. Without music, life would be bleak. Because a day does not pass without a child’s hearing or participating in some music, it is to a child’s advantage to understand music as thoroughly as she can. As a result, as she becomes older she will learn to appreciate, to listen to, and to partake in music that she herself believes to be good. Because of such cultural awareness, her life will have more meaning for her.” – Edwin Gordon, 1990.


So we’ve come to the end of Term 2. A lot has happened!

  • The school has sung “Story Country” and “Pass the Song Along” as brilliant whole school songs.
  • The choir performed beautifully at the ANZAC Day ceremony.
  • The band had Mr Steve Williams come and work with them.
  • The music room now has a class set of ukuleles.
  • The music room also got a makeover with new carpet.




 Some highlights for me this term have been:

  • Year 1s and 2s making friends with “Scrunch” the rainbow elastic.
  • Year 3s singing beautifully, and some, like Naughty children (hint hint: Matilda)
  • Year 4s working hard on becoming recorder masters and…
  • Year 5s and 6s laughing their way through the Heel Toe Polka.





In Semester 2, we look forward to:

  • The Music Assembly (2 August)
  • The choir performing in One Big Voice at the Perth Arena (18 August)
  • The band performing at the ABODA Band Festival (2 September, TBC)
  • The Year 4-6s getting started on the ukuleles.
  • The end of year concert
  • The Year 6 graduation and…
  • Many more songs, rhymes, games and whole school events!

Looking forward to seeing you then!



Choir:                          Mondays         3.10 - 4.00pm
Concert Band:           Tuesdays         3.10 - 4.00pm 

Don’t forget about the music room website!

If you would like to sing any of our songs from music class at home or watch any of our videos again log onto There are links to choir repertoire, games and a selection of music videos that we’ve explored in class. Make sure you get permission before going on the website and always remember to turn Annotations OFF!


CVPS Music Teachers

Miss Natalie Tran

Mrs. Megan Ward (On Leave)

A Message from Mrs. Ward:

Thank you so much for all your kind wishes, gifts and love for our little boy. 

Oliver is a very relaxed, happy go lucky little man and we're both feeling very healthy and well. 

We're so lucky to be part of this school community and have been blown away by the generosity and kindness of the staff, parents and children of CVPS.

We hope to see you all soon 😊


Mrs. Ward and Ollie

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Happy Holidays Everyone

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