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The crayon Room


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Welcome to Art @ Canning Vale Primary School

Art at CVPS is much more than making ‘pretty pictures’.

Through learning about the techniques and materials in Art

and being given structured opportunities to explore the

creation of artworks, Students are given opportunities to learn-

  • Creativity
  • Confidence
  • ·Problem Solving
  • ·Perseverance
  • ·Focus
  • Receiving Constructive Feedback
  • Collaboration
  • Dedication
  • Accountability

Your child will be working on a number of projects throughout the year. Each project involves a cycle of inspiration, exploration, skill development, design, production and evaluation, so there will be much more involved in creating each major piece than one lesson. At the end of the year when your child’s Art folio comes home, you will see these processes.

What is happening in my child’s Art Lessons?

There is an Art Webpage that I load current information about each year level’s learning themes. The webpage also contains lots of other information and links for you to explore.


On Line galleries

I record all the artwork created by each student for assessment recording –some of these images are uploaded to the gallery Youtube channel so you can view your child’s work in class groups

If you would like to view the artwork – follow this link to the Playlists on my Youtube channel.  Or use the QR code embedded here

I hope you enjoy accessing your child’s work in this way. 

Opportunities and Experiences

There are many avenues to experience Art at CVPS – Incursions, excursions, visiting Artists, Artist in Residence Program in conjunction with Curtin University,  School grounds Art beautification projects, Collaborative Art Projects, Art Auction, Exhibitions at school, Exhibitions at other venues, Art Angels program, school community Art events….. and so much more!!! Information on Art happenings will be posted in the newsletter and/or on the web page.

J Mrs Appleby

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