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We will again be running the big raffle at the end of year. So, if you own or work in a business that is willing to donate anything to our P&C for the raffle, please let me know and I'll be happy to accept it or pass on any details you need before donating.

Very early next term we have a Bunnings Sausage Sizzle (Sunday 15th October). If you are able to help please get in touch with me via email or in person at the canteen ASAP so we can get the roster filled.

Next term we will have our end of year raffle and 2nd Disco. Surveys will be going out to the year 6s shortly so they can help pick the theme for their farewell disco. With the raffle, we have had a fantastic offer from a business owned by one of our student’s parents for first prize. Details for this will be announced early next term once they have been finalized. If you own or work in a business that is able to help with a donation please let me know so we can get your business name out there with our newsletters from next term.

Please don't forget the second hand uniform shop runs on assembly days. If you have any uniform requirements, make sure you are here to see our range. If you can't find what you want on the racks we have out, there is more in storage you can look at after assembly.

We are also looking for someone to step up and assist Lucie in operating the stall on a more regular basis so it can still go ahead on days she is unavailable.

With Entertainment Book sales slowing right down I will be returning the books we have here early next term. You will still be able to purchase the digital copy online and receive it instantly, however if you want a book copy after I have returned the spares you will need to wait for at least a few days for one to be delivered out to you.

See you all back bright and fresh next Term.

James Lucas

Fundraising Coordinator

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Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays Everyone

School returns Tuesday 10th October