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Canning Vale Primary School is an attractive school that celebrated its 20th birthday in 2014. It has a very welcoming atmosphere with courtesy and mutual respect demonstrated by students and staff. The campus is bright and well planned with attractive art work and outdoor games that permanently enliven the environment.

The school’s sense of tradition is embedded in a strong community culture and its values of pride, excellence and respect are clearly articulated by all members including students, staff and parents.

Staff aim to provide a learning environment that caters for the needs of all students and supports their academic, physical, social and creative skills. As such, teachers are committed to providing excellent standards of teaching and learning in all programs. Teachers select tools and resources that are reflective of best practice and provide students with a range of opportunities to become successful learners.

We are also committed to providing a healthy and safe learning environment. Appropriate behaviour is a top priority at Canning Vale Primary School and there is consistent behaviour management across the campus. We believe teachers have the right to teach, students have the right to learn and classroom and playground rules exist to protect these rights and ensure everyone’s safety, involvement and enjoyment.

We encourage students to demonstrate active citizenship through their behaviour and practices both within and outside the school environment. Our focus is towards others rather than self-interest. We promote strategies that develop traits of resilience and leadership in both students and staff.

At Canning Vale Primary School, students learn tolerance, empathy and understanding first hand because we share the campus with an Education Support Centre. Students attending the Centre integrate into the primary school for activities whenever appropriate.

As an Independent Public School since 2012, we work closely and in partnership with our community, in particular the School Board and the Parents and Citizens Association (P&C). Together we strive to enhance the school environment to meet the current and future needs of our students and staff.

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