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School Vision

At Canning Vale Primary School, we are committed to creating a dynamic learning environment in which children will develop academic, physical, social and creative skills to become active and responsible global citizens.

Pride, excellence and respect underpin our vision. We strive to develop in our students

  • The confidence to dream, believe, create and succeed in a rapidly changing world;
  • The desire to learn so as to reach their full potential; and
  • The commitment to develop environmental responsibility and social conscience

School Beliefs

Teachers are the key to students’ success. They make a real difference and every student can be successful given the appropriate time and support. Students work best when teachers effectively involve them in both ongoing action and reflection and provide learning experiences that are engaging, meaningful, relevant and realistic.

High expectations and early intervention are essential with data informing the next steps for meeting the needs of every student. When students are taught then encouraged, they can be responsible for their own learning and acknowledge and accept differences in the learning abilities of each other.

The social curriculum is just as important as the academic curriculum. A strong partnership between home and school is also essential and is developed through mutual respect and trust.

School Values

Students will demonstrate active citizenship through their behaviour and practices in the school environment, in accordance with the principles and values associated with the democratic process, social justice and ecological sustainability. There is a focus towards others, away from self-interest and the promotion of strategies that lead to resilience and the development of leadership traits.

The school focus is based on five core values:

Social and civic responsibility

A pursuit of knowledge and a commitment to the achievement of potential

Self-acceptance and respect of self

Environmental responsibility

Respect and concern for others and their rights

We have three focus areas:

Success for all Students: At Canning Vale Primary School students are guided to be motivated, engaged and enthusiastic about their education.

High Quality Teaching: At Canning Vale Primary School all staff will be supported in their quest to develop best practice, skills and knowledge.

Effective Partnerships: At Canning Vale Primary School, we develop strong, sustainable. positive and productive partnerships so that student learning outcomes are encouraged. 

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